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                      1. Why was the woman stopped by the man?

                      [    ]

                      A. She was caught drunk driving.

                      浦京棋牌B. She was caught driving too fast.

                      C. She was caught crashing into a car.

                      2. What is the speed limit in this area?

                      [    ]

                      浦京棋牌A. 30 kilometres per hour.

                      B. 40 kilometres per hour.

                      C. 50 kilometres per hour.

                      3. What kind of punishment did the woman get?

                      [    ]

                      A. She got a ticket.

                      B. She got a warning.

                      C. She got a notice to court.

                      • Dear Mrs. Smith,

                        I am writing to _____1_____(WEI……DAOQIAN) passingnotes in class.

                        I realize that you were discussingimportant concepts that are going to help us write our upcoming analysis essaysand do well on the final, and I should have been _____2_____(MIQIEGUANZHU)._____3_____(CONGXIANZAIKAISHI), I’lllimit my classroom communication to helpful comments that are _____4_____(YOUGUAN)thesubject matter and wait to discuss personal things until after class.

                        浦京棋牌I also wanted to thank you for giving me awarning _____5_____(DAITI) detention because my coach would have benched me if I had beenlate to practice. I _____6_____(CHENGNUO) you won’t have to make that decision again.



                      • Many people are frightened by spiders. They are especially afraid of large, hairy ones. The largest and most frightening of all spiders is the bird-eating spider, which lives in the hot, thick rain forests of northern South America.

                        Bird-eating spiders are a type of tarantula. They are very hairy. Some of these giant spiders can spread eighteen centimeters (seven inches) with their legs. Tarantulas are not , as most people think, poisonous spiders. They can bite, and the bite is painful, but it will not kill a grown-up. The poisonous bite of a black widow spiders far more dangerous.

                        Bird-eating spiders often hide in holes and under rocks during the day, but at night they creep out and hunt for insects. As you might guess from their name, they also catch birds and eat them.

                        浦京棋牌They have another unusual ability. They can walk up windowpanes because of sticky, silky hairs on their feet that cling to glass.

                        1.The bird-eating spider can be described as __________.

                        A. a very hairy spider

                        浦京棋牌B. a very frightening spider

                        浦京棋牌C. the largest of spiders

                        D. all of above

                        浦京棋牌2.This spider lives where the climate is ___________.

                        浦京棋牌A. wet and hot

                        浦京棋牌B. cool and dry

                        浦京棋牌C. hot and dry

                        D. cool and wet

                        浦京棋牌3.The article says that the bird-eating spider is a kind of _______.

                        A. large crab

                        B. tarantula

                        C. black widow spider

                        D. all of the above

                        4.Compared with the bite of a black widow spider, the bite of a tarantula is ___________.

                        A. more dangerous

                        浦京棋牌B. less dangerous

                        浦京棋牌C. just as dangerous

                        浦京棋牌D. none of the above

                        浦京棋牌5.Bird-eating spiders hunt ____________.

                        A. during the day

                        B. at night

                        C. at dawn

                        浦京棋牌D. both A and B

                      • 浦京棋牌balcony baggage back barrier balance bargain basis bad beat before

                        浦京棋牌1. The magazine is a ________ number. You can take it out of the reading-room.

                        2. Too much salt can be _______ for you.

                        浦京棋牌3. Two pieces of _______ went missing at the railway station.

                        浦京棋牌4. I lost my __________ and fell on my face.

                        5. My flat has got a _______, where I can stand and watch the sea

                        6. Some people would like to do shopping on Sundays since they expect to pick up wonderful __________ in the market.

                        7. Problems with childcare remain the biggest ________ to women succeeding at work.

                        8. In Iraq nowadays, plenty of people are short of ______necessities like food, water, and medicine.

                        9. The room was so quiet that I could hear the ________ of my heart.

                        10. The roof fell ________ he had time to rush into the house to save his baby.

                      • bother bonus bid base bravery behavior. bush brochure brand bargain

                        浦京棋牌1._____ the lowest part or surface of something [= bottom]

                        2.________ manner of acting or controlling oneself

                        3.______ to offer to pay a particular price for goods, especially in an auction (PAIMAI、

                        浦京棋牌4._______ money added to someone's wages, especially as a reward for good work

                        浦京棋牌5.______to make someone feel slightly worried, upset, or concerned

                        6.________ actions, behaviour, or an attitude that shows courage and confidence

                        7.________ a thin book giving information or advertising something

                        8._______ a plant with many thin branches growing up from the ground

                        9.________ to discuss the terms of a deal in order to get a lower price

                        浦京棋牌10._______ a product’s name that makes it different from others

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